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About The Artist


Joe Krehlik, M.Photog., CPP
Master Photographer
Certified Professional Photographer

2017 International Print Competition Bronze Medalist Photographer of the Year
2016 International Top 10 Portrait Photographer (PPA GIA Finalist)
2016 PPA Charities Impact Award Recipient
2016 International Print Competition Silver Medalist Photographer of the Year
2016 Ohio Top 10 Photographer
2015-2017 Ohio Top 5 Certified Professional Photographers
2015 International Print Competition Bronze Medalist Photographer of the Year

Joe is a very hands-on kind of guy, and while he prefers to be in control of most situations, he readily accepts others as team players. He utilizes the right-side of his brain way more than the left-side which often times gets him trouble. Creativity and great design along with his keen eye for details are challenged at times by his quick-wit and sense of humor. His eye for detail enables him to pick-up new things relatively quickly, which is a good thing because he does not enjoy reading books or studying.

As a PPA, PPO, and ASP member Joe is an active participant in print competition and strives to elevate his art and client work through what he learns through his participation. Joe currently holds a Master Degree and CPP designation (Certified Professional Photographer) and is very close to also receiving his Photographic Craftsman degree. Currently, Joe is one of Ohio's Top Five Certified Professional Photographers as designated by The Professional Photographers of Ohio, and has achieved numerous awards including a Top Ten Grand Imaging Award in the Portrait category; a coveted PPA Charities Impact Award; and has received an H&H color labs Environmental Portrait Award for his on-location work.

Introduced to film photography and development by his father at an early age, he was always interested in graphic arts, only going into professional photography just 9 short years ago. Joe now shoots utilizing the latest mirrorless technology exclusively, making the switch from traditional DSLR a little over 5 years ago..

As a successful full-time photographer, Joe has had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of diverse clients each year and some famous celebrities & musicians along the way as well. Joe has become a sought after speaker, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, techniques and business strategies to others in an effort to elevate the industry.

When Joe is not pursuing his creative passion, he enjoys travel, woodworking, and loves to be out on the open-road riding his Harley.

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