Invest in Memories Not "Stuff"

February 6, 2018

Vacation Sweet Vacation

Welcome to our first blog post! As I write this first article we have just returned from a fantastic vacation in Akumal, Mexico with family and one of our very best friends. I have to say, I really needed this vacation. I was in desperate need of a mental "recharge." As a full-time artist, it truly can be hard to be creative all of the time. Most folks that are not photographers tend to think we just appear, take the images and everything else just kind of "happens." The truth is, however, that Just like every other business there are editing deadlines, budgets, marketing items, schedule changes and vendor issues that demand our attention regularly, and believe it or not, can be quite stressful just as any job can be. Actually upwards of 80% of our time is spent doing "business" not being behind the camera. Being self-employed we also tend to work long hours, which again, like any job, causes stress. Working anytime under stress is difficult, but being creative during times of stress is especially challenging.

Speaking of budget and being self-employed; going on this vacation was a big decision for us. Like us, I'm sure you struggle with the decision of going on vacation. Things need done around the house, there are bills that need paid, and you hate to take the money out of the savings after working so hard to get it in there. I get it! We struggled with the same, along with the decision of whether or not we should we invest in new equipment instead of vacationing? It can be a difficult decision for sure. At any rate, we had a very busy Fall season and as I stated earlier, I really felt I needed a break to recharge creatively so the decision was finalized and away we went!

While on vacation, we had dinner every night together. We all hung out by the pool and the beach while relaxing in the sun with our cool beverages, we laughed while practicing our Spanish that we are terrible at, and did lots of other things that required only relaxation, cold drinks and humor. We rented a car and drove to Tulum to tour the ancient Mayan ruins. Driving in Mexico! That was a treat! Anyhow, our room was fantastic, the weather was great, the food and drink were simply amazing. We all had such a great time. I am sure none of us will ever forget that trip!

Now that we have been back a few days, I am realizing that I not only returned refreshed and recharged, which was honestly my total goal, but we all have also returned with wonderful memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. In hindsight, the memories we now have are truly priceless. I will remember this trip forever, and it was so worth finding a way to make it work financially. We feel absolutely blessed to have been able to go where we did, and to be together. We are already putting plans in place to make sure we put a little extra away each month so we can return again as soon as possible. Until then, we have some beautiful images that we are printing to hang in our home, although I wished I would have taken even more. Those images, and remembering the laughs, are literally all we have to show and remember that occasion by. They are absolutely priceless to me.

Let's Wrap This Up

I realize that you may have thought that this post was going to be all about how you should spend money on photos, and well, I guess it could be interpreted that way. Like a fantastic vacation, finding the time for a great family portrait, or finding room in the budget for quality prints can be a challenge, but I bet in much the same way, you would quickly find them priceless as well. Be it a family vacation, or a wonderful canvas family portrait for your home, I encourage everyone to invest more in memories instead of "stuff." You'll be glad you did.


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